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Anaemia in Early Pregnancy & ADHD

A recent study showed that women diagnosed with iron deficiency anaemia in early pregnancy (less than 30 weeks gestation) were more likely to have children with neurodevelopmental disorders.  This included autism spectrum disorders, ADHD and intellectual disability. It is common for women to be diagnosed with iron deficiency anaemia at the end of pregnancy.  However,…

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Thyroid Dysfunction & The Risk of Preterm Birth

Association of Thyroid Function Test Abnormalities and Thyroid Autoimmunity with Preterm Birth   This systematic review and meta-analysis investigated links between thyroid dysfunction and the risk of preterm birth. The risk of a preterm birth, defined as less than 37 weeks, was increased for women with subclinical hypothyroidism, positive thyroid (TPO) antibodies and low thyroxine…

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Quatrefolic® Superior to Folic Acid for Recurrent Miscarriages

A published case series study has evaluated the effect of Quatrefolic® in couples with recurrent miscarriages, lasting for at least 4 years. 5-MTHF glucosamine salt (Quatrefolic®) has been trialled in a B vitamin complex and chelated zinc at the dosage of 800 mcg/day.   800mcg Quatrefolic® vs 5mg of folic acid The study conclusion highlights…

preconception vitamins

Maternal Selenium, Copper and Zinc Concentrations in Early Pregnancy, and the Association with Fertility

A recent Australian study set out to determine maternal zinc, selenium and copper levels and their association with fertility. Lower zinc and selenium plasma levels were associated with a longer time to conceive. Plasma copper levels were not associated with subfertility. This highlights the importance of a preconception care plan when trying to conceive.

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Prenatal and infant exposure to pesticides and autism spectrum disorder in children

  Avoiding pesticides prior to conception and during pregnancy is a key factor in a preconception care plan and naturopathic prenatal care. This population based case-control study consisted of 2961 individuals with a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder, including 445 with intellectual disability comorbidity. Researchers found an association between exposure to pesticides during pregnancy and autism…

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Is your teenage daughter on the pill? You might want to read this…

  Many teenage girls are put on the oral contraceptive pill (OCP) in an effort to control heavy or painful periods. However, there are some big concerns around this. From menarche (a girl’s first period) the reproductive system takes 6-8 years to fully develop.  At around 20 years of age, a woman's neural and hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal…

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Omega-3’s may help prevent endometriosis

  Most people know about the numerous benefits of eating a diet high in omega-3 fatty acids. In this study, women whose diets were high in omega-3 were 22% less likely to be diagnosed with endometriosis. What's even more interesting is that women who ate the highest amount of trans fats had a 48% increased…

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Preconception Care and Pregnancy Outcome

  The Foresight Preconception Association in the U.K. carried out a study involving 367 couples who took part in a preconception health care program. Among the participating couples, 217 (59%) had a previous history of reproductive problems: 136 were infertile 139 had a history of miscarriages 11 had a stillborn 40 were small-for-dates 15 were…

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How to relieve labour pain naturally

  This study, "Nonpharmacologic approaches to relieve labour pain and prevent suffering" demonstrated the evidence that exists for natural pain relief in labour. This includes baths, intradermal water blocks (sterile water injections), and maternal movement and positioning. During my own labour, I managed labour pains and discomfort with heat packs, hot showers and baths.  I…

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Recurrent miscarriage due to poor sperm quality

  This study "Sperm motility and DNA fragmentation as a cause of recurrent pregnancy loss" discovered an interesting finding of recurrent miscarriage. The male partner of a couple who experiences recurrent miscarriages has a higher rate of sperm cells with fragmented DNA and significantly poorer sperm motility than control donors with proven fertility. This highlights…


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