Effect of cell phone usage on semen analysis in men attending infertility clinic: an observational study

Agarwal A, Deepinder F, Sharma RK et al. Fertil Steril 2008; 89(1): 124-128.

This study investigated the effect of mobile/cell phone use on sperm parameters among patients undergoing evaluation at a male infertility clinic in the United States.

Three hundred and sixty-one men were divided into four groups according to their self-reported active cell phone use: group A: no use; group B: less than 2 hours per day; group C: 2-4 hours per day and group D: more than 4 hours per day.

Sperm count, motility, viability and normal morphology decreased in cell phone users as the duration of daily exposure increased. The decrease in sperm parameters was independent of the initial sperm quality.