Nutrient Imbalances Affect Future Generations


Effect of in utero and early-life conditions on adult health and disease - Pf. Peter Gluckman.

In this paper, Dr. Gluckman reviewed the long-term influences of in-utero conditions on health.

Gluckman agreed that the information passed to the foetus from the mother between conception and weaning:

"is a summation of maternal nutritional experience, integrating a lifetime of signals from the mother and perhaps even the grandmother"

The public health and clinical implications of perinatal programming are enormous, showing the importance of health and education of young parents around pregnancy.

Gluckman says that interventions to correct micronutrient and macronutrient imbalances in the mother before conception or at critical points of pregnancy may be necessary.  As would antenatal and postnatal behaviour modification.


Ref: NEJM 2008; 359(1):61-73.

Nutrient Imbalances Affect Future Generations