Nonpharmacologic approaches to relieve labour pain and prevent suffering

Simkin & Bolding, Journal of Midwifery & Women’s Health, 2004, 49: 489-504.

Adequate evidence of benefit in reducing pain exists for continuous labour support

This includes baths, intradermal water blocks (sterile water injections), and maternal movement and positioning for natural pain relief.

During my own labour, I managed labour pains and discomfort with heat packs, hot showers and baths. I also relied on movement and positioning to ease the pain.

I employed Calmbirth relaxation techniques and breathing which I found to be very helpful. We included aromatherapy, massage, music, sterile water injections for back pain and I had continuous labour support.

I had a very positive labour experience and would highly recommend the combination of all of these techniques if you would like to birth naturally.