Preconception care and pregnancy outcome

Ward, N. Journal of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine, 1995, 5: 205-208.

367 couples took part in a preconception health care programme. Among the couples, 217 (59%) had a previous history of reproductive problems; 136 were infertile, 139 had a history of miscarriages, 11 had a stillborn, 40 were small-for-dates, 15 were low birthweight, 7 were malformed and 3 infants died of sudden infant death syndrome.

After completing the preconception care programme, 327 couples conceived and went on to have a healthy baby. Of particular significance was the fact that there were no miscarriages or malformations and all babies were born healthy with an average birthweight of 3265 grams.

This research was carried out by the Foresight Preconception Association.