Amanda – Preconception, Prenatal, Doula and Postnatal Care

My obstetrician could not believe it, for a first time mother to have such a quick and easy labour (less than 3 hours) – I definitely put this down to all your lotions and potions and support!! I would highly recommend Nikki at Natural Reproductive Care for anyone out there needing any type of help from preconception care to being there as a Doula for your labour!!
Thanks Nikki you are a star.

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Lara – Doula

Nikki had mentioned she could help with soothing remedies and had massaged aromatherapy birthing oil over my tummy and given me Rescue Remedy which calmed me nicely. Nikki had been putting very hot cloths on my back to ease the contractions - that was great! WOW I had a great experience and with a great support team we had a beautiful baby girl named Harper. I would definitely do it again!

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Gemma – Lactation Induction – As seen in Woman’s Day May 2009!

With Nikki’s support and remedies I was able to maintain feeding longer than I would have if I had to give up the tablets because of the price.
Thank you for all your help and I will be recommending your services to others in my situation or anyone who isn’t producing enough milk.

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Amy – Prenatal Care

This is my 6th pregnancy. I had two children very close together and then 3 successive miscarriages. With this pregnancy, I changed naturopaths and Nikki has been looking after me. I have never felt so good pregnant!

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Cooper – Diana Ellis’s baby

Diana – Amenorrhoea, Preconception, Prenatal and Postnatal Care

Nikki has been fantastic, she has clearly explained my condition and what is happening in my body and she has given me options along the way in the approaches we have taken. I have been very impressed with Nikki’s speedy communication and follow up contact.

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Brenda – Recurrent Miscarriage

Nikki I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart and I truly believe that if it wasn't for you we would not be in this position right now. Nikki has gone beyond the call of duty with me many times, meeting me at the organic health shop to show me what I should and should not be eating. 

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Madeline – Charly

Charly – Fertility

The best thing about Nikki - she is a mother as well so had been through everything I was going through and could give me honest advice which I could trust.

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Jack – Sonya

Sonya – Fertility

After 12 weeks I was pregnant. Yay! I couldn't believe it. Nikki was as excited as us and from that moment on, she followed our progress and months until little Jack was born.  I strongly recommend everyone I know who is thinking of having a family to talk to Nikki.

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Ethan – Roz

Roz – Fertility

I am now 11 weeks pregnant and very excited.  We learnt a lot from Nikki and we are really happy about being pregnant; because we saw Nikki before getting pregnant, we were both able to get ourselves into tip top shape for pregnancy.

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